Monday, February 22, 2010

Dr Brown Behaves write-up in RipItUp

Dr Brown Behaves
Tuxedo Cat, Sat Feb 20
Heard the one about the amazing show that comes each year to the Fringe, an artist no one has heard about before and who proceeds to blow audiences out of the water? This show is it. A largely wordless act of absurdist mime and downright uncomfortable weirdness that may or may not include handcuffs, olives, board games, dancing, sunscreen and a transvestite, this show goes strange places and then turns left and goes even stranger. Criminally, there were only nine people in the audience, but that will have to change. US/UK comic artist Philip Burgers AKA Dr Brown will do odd things to you, make you laugh, squirm and cringe in equal doses, but you won’t come away indifferent. This truly is unlike anything else on offer at the Fringe. Do not, under any circumstances, miss it.
Final Word: Speechless.

Harry Starboard

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