Dr Brown Because ****

August 06, 2010

I’m a big anti-comedy fan but have never witnessed silent anti-comedy before. For the first half of “Dr Brown Because” not a single word is uttered yet it still manages to contain some of best jokes I’ve witnessed in a strong minute. The last 15 minute routine looses its edge and is a very disappointing finale but for the most part this is experimental anti-comedy at its most enjoyable.
Unfortunately it’s hard to say anything about this show without ruining it. To use a lazy cliché - Dr Brown is very much like Mr Bean on acid. Or to be more accurate - he’s like a homosexual Mr Bean who has been taking acid for several years but has recently quit and then had a mental breakdown. Mostly awkwardness, nonsense and a few what-the-fuck-moments are all that hold it together. Expect a fair amount of audience interaction too, which is occasionally great but overall the weaker part of the act (don’t sit down the front). It is however refreshing to feel a real sense of danger that if he picks on the wrong person in the crowd that they’ll definitely punch him in the face, however on this night most of the audience were on his side.
On one level it’s completely understandable to have the opinion that this show is complete shite and maybe in a different mindset I would have hated it. Yet (so far) nothing has made me laugh out loud more and I’m pretty sure I’ll never, ever forget it.  Comedy shows like this need to exists to remind us how tedious the mainstream can become. It’s punk rock, anarchic and made me wonder what it would have been like to been a punter at the Fringe in the 80’s before all dem bloody evil corporations and middle-class fuckwits started turning up in abundance. For that reason alone it’s worth checking out – even if you end up absolutely hating it. Oh… and one more time - don’t sit down the front.
Rating: 4/5